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Our Funding Partners

The Charles Simonyi Fund for Arts and Sciences
The Charles Simonyi Fund for Arts and Sciences is a 501(c)(3) private foundation that distributes funds to worthy organizations that demonstrate excellence in the arts, sciences and education. The Fund was founded in 2004 by Charles Simonyi, an avid philanthropist and renowned computer software developer who was born in Budapest, Hungary and received an honorary doctorate from the University of Pécs in 2001.

University of Pécs, Hungary
With its ten faculties, the University of Pécs plays a significant role in Hungarian higher education. The University offers a broad range of training and degree program’s, ensuring high-level knowledge-transfer and research. With its more than 33,000 students and nearly 2,000 teaching and research staff the impact of the University of Pécs extends well beyond the borders of Pécs.

Ohio University’s College of Business, Athens, OH USA

The College of Business provides a distinctive learning environment that actively engages students, faculty, and the business community in developing knowledge and skills relevant for success in a complex, global economy. This environment stimulates student learning and faculty research so that our graduates are able to: a.) apply the holistic integrated approach to business problems; b.) apply the communication, leadership, team and technological skills needed to succeed in their business careers; c.) understand how to work with people from other cultures and to operate effectively in other countries; and d.) understand the social responsibilities of individuals and organizations and evaluate the ethical dimensions of decision in a business context.

Cleveland Hungarian Development Panel, Cleveland USA
The Cleveland Hungarian Development Panel (CHDP) us a non-profit organization of dedicated volunteers who recognize the need to promote and support educational and cultural ties between Americans and Hungarians. The mission of the CHDP is to provide assistance and the exchange of ideas for Hungarian projects in the areas of commerce, education, health and human services.

Our Collaborating Partners

European Cultural Capital 2010
• Pécs Cultural Center
Zsolnay Ceramics Museum

The Cleveland Clinic
Bio Enterprise
Case Western Reserve University
The Cleveland Foundation
NE Ohio Economic Development Program
Hungarian National Academy of Sciences
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
• Biotech Consortium -Pécs

Regional Community
Hungarian Investment and Trade, Development Agency, ITD- Pécs
The Baranya County Chamber of Commerce
• The City of Pécs Mayor’s Office
American Corner
• Consortium for Digital Technology

National & International
Hungarian Investment and Trade, Development Agency, ITD- Hungary
US Ambassador to Hungary
U.S. Embassy, Budapest
U.S. State Department
• Serbian State Department

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