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Psychedelic Rock Posters Rock in Budapest-Hosted by longtime Simonyi Center support Amb. András Simonyi

September 23, 2011 / Posted by News in News

On September 23, 2011 Ambassador Kounalakis opened an exhibition titled “From San Francisco to Woodstock – The Golden Age of the American Rock Poster 1965-1971” at the KOGART House.  The show’s unique mission is to introduce this particular segment of modern American art history to the Hungarian public as well as to highlight the cultural links between the two countries.

Ambassador Kounalakis explained in her remarks that “During the Cold War, rock music gained a following around the globe and was even able to break through the Iron Curtain. In the United States and in Hungary, we shared in the messages of the music, in the desire to question authority and to change the status quo.” She added that “it had, and still has, the power to bring nationalities and generations together.  It has the power to move people, and it serves as a window into understanding western and American culture.”

During the opening ceremony Mr. Simonyi, and columnist of San Francisco Chronicle, Ms. Leah Garchik explained what rock music and this era meant to them. Ms. Garchik also shared memories of Mickey Hart from the Grateful Dead and Country Joe McDonald whom she interviewed.

The U.S. Embassy supported the organization of the exhibit with a grant that provided help for transportation of the works, printing of information materials and publicity. The chief curator of the exhibit is former Hungarian Ambassador to the U.S. and enthusiast rock fan, András Simonyi. The show was created in cooperation with generous American private collectors from Denver, the Denver Arts Museum and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

The exhibit showcases 150 rock posters and about 50 cultural relics (instruments, costumes, etc.) from the 1960s and 1970s, reflecting the rock and roll legacy of that era in the San Francisco Bay Area. The posters are engaging reflections of the musical events and the musicians they once promoted, and also are unique works of visual art reflecting pop culture of that era.

Representatives from the Hungarian business and art community as well as members of the diplomatic community were present at the opening ceremony and at the uniquely American reception following it.

The exhibit will be open to the general public until December 31, 2011.  (hours: Monday thru Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; address: 112 Andrássy út)

Statement by Secretary Clinton on the Occasion of Hungary’s National Day

August 20, 2011 / Posted by News in News

Statement by Secretary Clinton on the Occasion of Hungary’s National Day

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Hungary as you celebrate Saint Stephen’s Day this August 20th.

This June I visited Budapest to participate in the inauguration of the Lantos Institute and reaffirm the commitment of the United States to Hungary’s future.  Americans and Hungarians share a history of mutual respect and values. Today, we are NATO allies, strong economic partners, and we are working to protect and promote democracy and human rights.  Together we are working to foster greater stability in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and other countries around the world.  In your own country you are continuing to work toward reforms that will help strengthen your economy and eliminate corruption.  The United States stands with you as you strive to preserve democratic institutions and set an example for other countries as they work to establish their own democracies, create open and pluralistic societies, and promote human rights.

As you honor your rich history on this special day, know that the United States sends best wishes to all Hungarians for continued peace and prosperity in the year to come.

Message from President Barack Obama to President Pál Schmitt on the Occasion of Hungary’s National Day

August 20, 2011 / Posted by News in News

Message from President Barack Obama to President Pál Schmitt on the Occasion of Hungary’s National Day

Dear Mr. President:

On behalf of the American people, I extend my warmest regards on the occasion of your Saint Stephen’s National Day on August 20.  The United States and Hungary share close cultural ties and democratic values.  As NATO allies, we also share an enduring commitment to safeguarding international peace and security.  The United States looks forward to strengthening our relations with Hungary in the year ahead as we work together to address the challenges of the 21st century.

Barack Obama

Global Entrepreneurship Week

August 18, 2011 / Posted by News in News

Led by the Young Entrepreneurs Association, GEW/Hungary is looking to make 2011 its biggest year yet with international conferences, thematic days and the support of a growing list of companies. See for yourself November 14-20.

Please join the Simonyi Center for a week long celebration of events and activities in Pecs, Hungary

Mansfield & Associates, Ltd-Going Global

July 15, 2011 / Posted by News in News

Budapest, Hungary —(July 14, 2011) Mansfield & Associates, Ltd., a research driven executive search firm headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, announced the opening of its European area office located in Budapest, Hungary, with the addition of Robert Mansfield, Director of European Search for Mansfield & Associates, KFT.

“The European area office is strategically located to serve Western, Central and Eastern Europe,” said Ann Mansfield, President.   “This will allow Mansfield & Associates to continue to enhance its excellence in International Search for both U.S. based corporations and international firms.”

Robert Mansfield brings diverse experience in the field of International Consulting and Research.  Working out of Budapest, Hungary, he provides research, recruiting, and consulting services throughout the European market within the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, laboratory, biomedical, health care, enterprise software, sports, hospitality, and retail fields.  He has worked in Hungary and Serbia for the Simonyi Center for Entrepreneurship, focusing on consulting, commercialization and innovation.  In addition to Mr. Mansfield’s consulting and research work internationally, he has been affiliated with the George Voinovich School of Entrepreneurship and the Appalachian Regional Entrepreneurial Group with Ohio University serving small businesses in the Appalachian Region, Ohio and West Virginia.

Mr. Mansfield’s knowledge, multi-lingual capability, and experience working with European business owners and entrepreneurs is a valuable asset in understanding the changing international business model and its impact on national companies looking to expand utilizing a worldwide talent pool.

Mr. Mansfield’s alliance demonstrates the company’s commitment to growth and will further establish Mansfield & Associates as a major player globally in the executive search business.  With Mr. Mansfield’s passion for the international executive search business, intellect and integrity, the company will continue to exceed its client’s expectations.

The Simonyi Center in Pécs, Hungary facilitates the transformation of Hungarian and Eastern European economies from a post-socialist to a western capitalist approach. The Simonyi Center offers business development and assistance services to entrepreneurs and organizations in the fields of cultural arts, sciences and innovation as well as business.

Science Building construction: ready to start!

July 4, 2011 / Posted by News in News

The Simonyi Center is pleased to announce that the University of Pecs is now on its way to establish a research centre that the South Transdanubian Region has not had for decades. This centre will focus the previously disintegrated research potential around the medical and the environmental industry that has been defined in the Pólus Programme. The sustainability of human life will be supported by research and development activities and the Centre will ensure high quality technological and laboratory infrastructure for the research teams employed in this building. The Science Building will focus on three key research and related teaching areas:

1. Biosciences Centre,

2. Environmental Sciences Centre,

3. Information Technology Centre.

The University of Pécs announced at the beginning of May that according to the
requirements stipulated in the public procurement tender the Grabarics building company is
the winner for the building investment of the Science Building. However, this decision was
impugned. Therefore the Public Procurement Board investigated the documentation of the
case and allowed the original decision to stand, taking into consideration that the documents
handed in by the company have been correct and according to the relating laws.
The Science Building investment has three parts, and is going to be built opposite the 400-
bed clinic. The building company leaves more parts of the car park unchanged. The
company does not plan to close any lanes and cause traffic jams on Ifjúság street.

The Grabarics company signed a contract to build the Science Building in 288 days, which enables to open the building which will host the knowledge base of the region in September 2012 according to the original plans.

One of the most important priorities of the Science Building project is the development of basic research potential in the most progressive fields of the natural, engineering and medical sciences. The main aim is to establish a new research and development facility within the campus of the UP which enables the institution to participate in international tender and grant applications by establishing new, cutting edge laboratories and research facilities that meet European standards, a facility that is unique in our country.  The Simonyi Center will be tracking the construction of this beautiful facility and look forward to future collaborations.

Rector József Bódis and Gábor Grabarics, head of the tender winning Grabarics building company signed the agreement according to which the construction of the Science Building is now ready to start!

ExxonMobil Kft to vist The Simonyi Center on July 6

July 4, 2011 / Posted by admin in News

ExxonMobil Hungary Kft. offers retail services for petroleum products through a network of stations. The company is based in Budapest, Hungary. ExxonMobil Hungary Kft. operates as a subsidiary of ExxonMobil Central Europe Holding GmbH.  The Simonyi Center in Pécs, Hungary facilitates the transformation of Hungarian and Eastern European economies from a post-socialist to a western capitalist approach. The Simonyi Center offers business development and assistance services to entrepreneurs and organizations in the fields of cultural arts, sciences and innovation as well as business.

Tom Lantos Institute opens in Budapest

July 1, 2011 / Posted by admin in News

The alliance between the Hungarian and American peoples stands on strong foundations, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Parliament on Tuesday, at the opening of the Tom Lantos Institute.

“The reason we are gathered together is to further strengthen the alliance between the United States of America and Hungary [...] and to celebrate a new rampart of this alliance,” Orban said.

“The strength of our alliance is given by a single word – freedom,” the prime minister said at the official inauguration ceremony of the Tom Lantos Institute, which began in the parliament on Thursday.

The institute will be dedicated to the one-time US Congressman of Hungarian descent who championed Hungarian affairs in Washington.

The ceremony will also be addressed by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her predecessor Condoleezza Rice, Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi and European Parliament Deputy President Laszlo Tokes.

The event is being attended by several ministers, parliamentary party leaders, MPs, ex-premier Gordon Bajnai and members of the diplomatic corps.

The institute will carry out research into human and civil rights, minorities, historical reconciliation in Central Europe and transatlantic relations.

Orban said the alliance had borne its own messengers and fighters for freedom, who had taken their message to the world, and when the “occupation and dictatorship fell in Hungary.” He said many such messengers had gone to America, and many had gone on the fight for freedom on Hungary’s behalf.

“The Hungarian people is always grateful to those messengers and fighters, one of whom was Tom Lantos,” Orban said, adding that freedom in Hungary today is partly thanks to active American-Hungarian emigrants.

Recalling his personal meetings with Tom Lantos, Orban said they had debated issues of Hungarian domestic policy, and their standpoints had diverged, but one thing they had been both committed to was freedom and serving Hungarians, which bridged all sorts of policy differences between them.

“I wish that the institute should loyally nurture the memory of Tom Lantos and advertise the work and success of the active members of the American-Hungarian emigrants,” Orban said. “In the name of the Hungarian people, I assure my and the Hungarian government’s full support for this work,” the prime minister concluded.

Statue of Reagan unveiled in front of US Embassy in Budapest

June 30, 2011 / Posted by News in News

Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban (R) and former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice (L) and a Ronald Reagan statue

Nations fighting for their freedom should never be left alone in the future, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in her address, at the unveiling of a statue of former US President Ronald Reagan in central Budapest’s Szabadsag Square in front of the US embassy on Wednesday.

Looking at the Reagan statue in Szabadsag (Liberty) Square, it should never be forgotten that “their cause is not defeated and that they are not alone, because we are standing by them”, said Rice.

US Ambassador to Hungary Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis welcomed the former State Secretary who served in the administration of President George W Bush, as someone who, like the 40th President of the United States, had devoted her entire life to the cause of freedom. She said the statue of Ronald Reagan had found its home in Szabadsag Square.

Addressing the ceremony, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Ronald Reagan had been a testament to the possibility that “there can be complete recovery, that we can change our lives, our fate and the world if we have the courage and strength to do so.”

Orban added, “if we take the courage and draw a clear distinction between right and wrong, true and false and valuable and worthless, just as Ronald Reagan took up the task of bearing responsibility and the consequences for articulating the difference between good and bad,” then nothing lay beyond the bounds of the achievable.

Orban said that walls in Hungary today had yet to be dismantled in order to “free ourselves from the brace of our past mistakes and to become a strong, successful country which is proud of itself.”

US Embassy

Ronald Reagan Statue in Budapest

Strong Europe Creative Hungary

May 15, 2011 / Posted by News in News

Come see the Simonyi Center at The ‘Hungarian Innovation TechShow’ Exhibition will be organized on 17-18 May 2011 with the collaboration of the Hungarian Ministry of National Development and the Mobility and Multimedia Cluster, Hungary’s most successful ICT innovation cluster. The innovation exhibition will feature 21 novel Hungarian high-tech solutions of the 21st century.

The week of 16-21 May 2011 will be devoted to future internet and high-tech innovation in Hungary where international experts will come together to discuss the economic and societal impacts of technological evolution and development trends in the EU member states. This week Budapest will host the Future Internet Conference and Assembly and the ICT Proposers’ Day dedicated to international networking and seeking partners to form project consortia.

The Hungarian Innovation TechShow will be a live and interactive event held under the patronage of dr. Zsolt Nyitrai President of the Telecommunications Council of the European Union and Minister of State for Infocommunications of the Hungarian Ministry of National Development.

The 21 solutions presented at the Hungarian Innovation TechShow will be selected by an independent professional jury from the entrants of the ‘Quest for the new innovators of Hungary’ national open contest. Selected contestants will present their works in the House of Future, a creative installation space, to a high-level Hungarian and international delegation on 17 May and to nearly 500 international and Hungarian professionals on the following public day on 18 May.

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“Prior to this program, I had no experience in the field of business consulting. I never realized others could have such a different point of view on every aspect of life. Without this experience, I would have never considered that my business knowledge could help the progression of science technology. It completely changed my outlook.”

- Eszter Major, Alumna, University of Pécs

"Before participating in the Simonyi Center I was unsure where or what I would be working on. My background is in business planning and launching start-up's, so I knew I could provide assistance to both the students and businesses. After participating I am blown away and totally impressed by the student-client interaction, immediate student team bonding and end result presentations of the student projects. It was a heartwarming experience to see such a positive and successful collaboration from so many international perspectives."

- David Pidwell, Alumna, Ohio University & Venture Partner at Alloy Ventures

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